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This is the scary part. Actually signing up for a class. Right now your brain is probably “what if?”-ing a whole bunch of scary stuff that you’ll have to do. Be funny on command, be alone on a stage, naked, in front of your high school bullies, singing. While that could be fun, it’s not what we’re here to do. These classes are about growing through play and laughter. I know you have the courage to do this. And so much more. You’ll see.



We’re all here for the same reason: to help with our anxiety. In this introductory class, we’ll use improv and powerful self-help concepts to move you from anxiety towards your natural confidence and courage, and explore them in a fun and playful way. We’ll focus on:

  • Being in the moment
  • Connecting with your body
  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes
  • Letting go of judgement
  • Laughing and playing together

$225 plus tax. 6 weeks. 3 hours per class. No experience necessary. Bring a friend and get 15% off.

Sign up now for Fall classes! Sundays 4-7pm, starting September 10th. Click here for more info.

Message me at if you’re interested, or pay now to secure a spot by e-transfer or PayPal:
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Public speaking is ranked as top fear, by fear rankers. The idea of being judged by a large group of people all at once is terrifying. When you’re anxious, all speaking feels like public speaking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work presentation, a speech at a wedding, or having a conversation with a friend, we still want to get it right and not humiliate ourselves.

With this course, you’ll learn fun improv techniques and exercises that will make talking less horrifying, and maybe even a whole lotta fun. We’ll help you:

  • find your voice
  • be yourself in front of others
  • have a conversation with someone else

$275 plus tax. 6 weeks. 3 hours per class. No experience necessary. Bring a friend and get 15% off. (Limited class size: 8.)

Sign up now for Fall classes! Thursdays 6-9pm, starting September 14th. Click for more info.

Message me at if you’re interested and want to get on the wait list.



Work can be stressful. There are bosses, coworkers, presentations, boring meetings, crazy workloads, crazy deadlines, pressure to perform, I should stop listing because it’s probably causing you stress. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way, (at least, not all the time) thanks to improv! This course is designed to go beyond the usual business tips, help you reduce the feeling of stress, and increase your amount of play at work. (Because yes, play is essential to working effectively.) Click here for more.

We’ll play with concepts like:

  • Starting conversations and making small talk
  • Dealing with important, high stakes situations
  • How to handle conflict, or someone not liking you
  • Being okay making mistakes and not being 100% perfect all the time
  • Handling those real life moments when our hearts are racing, palms sweating, and head is thinking “Where’s the door?”
  • And of course, bringing more play and fun and joy into your life

$225 plus tax. 6 weeks. 3 hours per class.
Bring a friend and get 15% off.

Message me at if you’re interested.



You might be thinking, “Hey, improv classes are super fun, but how do I take this into my daily life?” Oh yeah, the “real” world. Where you’re not allowed to make mistakes or look silly, or be anything but perfect. Well, in this course, we’ll practice playing through those real life situations that cause us so much stress. It’s like exposure therapy, but with way more laughing. Click.

We’ll learn to have fun with…

  • Job interviews
  • First dates
  • Presentations
  • Going to a party
  • Going to the dentist
  • Asking for a raise
  • Pretty much anything that seems unfun that we can learn to bring fun into.

$275 plus tax. 6 weeks. 3 hours per class. (Maximum 10 people.)
Bring a friend and get 15% off.

Message me at if you’re interested.



If you’re socially anxious, playing with a group of people can sound like a nightmare. This is your chance to try improv, get personal help and feedback, and give yourself the little courage boost needed to play with others.
($200 plus tax + studio rental. 2 hour session.)



It’s like the scene in The Matrix where they download karate into Neo’s brain and he likes it. This class builds off what we do in Level 1. As we gain more confidence and playfulness, we’ll explore ways to bring more play and courage and enjoyment into our day-to-day lives. Click here for more deets.

Usually a follow-up to Level 1, but let me know if you have previous improv experience.
($225 plus tax. 6 weeks. 3 hours per class.)

Message me at if you’re interested, or just talk to me in class if you’re in Level 1 😉


Benefits of Improv for Mental Health

According to the CMHA, anxiety disorders affect 3.6 million Canadians. And those numbers are probably low. When you factor in the stigma of mental health issues, the fact that almost half of people say they’ve never gone to see a doctor about their issues, most people end up suffering alone before admitting what would be perceived as a “weakness.”

While few scientific studies exist, improv and play have been shown to help:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Stimulate brain function and boost creativity
  • Improve relationships and your connection with others
  • Enhance your ability to take risks and try new things
  • Relax the body and keep you energized
  • Release endorphins (making you feel good) and boost the immune system

It changed my life (read my story here). And I’ve personally seen it change the lives of others. Improv is like going to therapy, and having fun at the same time.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.



PWF_Logo_noname“I’ve been struggling socially for a really long time. I finally decided that it was time to turn things around. I don’t think that I would have ever tried my hands on improv if this wasn’t called “Play Anxiety Away!”, so that definitely helped with my decision.

6 weeks go by quickly, but you’ll also notice how quickly your self-confidence will grow and how quickly your anxiety will go away. Sure, when you go to your first class you’ll probably just wanna ‘die’, but hey, you made it to class, and in my book, that’s an amazing first step towards helping yourself!

By Week 6, you just won’t be able to wait to go to class and have a blast!:) I’m just sad how quickly those 3 hours went by.”
– Mr. Sir Captain Jeff

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