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We’re all here for the same reason: to help with our anxiety. In this introductory class, we’ll use improv and powerful self-help concepts to move you from anxiety towards your natural confidence and courage, and explore them in a fun and playful way. We’ll focus on:

  • Being in the moment
  • Connecting with your body
  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes
  • Letting go of judgement
  • Laughing and playing together

$225 plus tax. 6 weeks. 3 hours per class. No experience necessary. Bring a friend and get 15% off.

Sign up now! Sundays 1-4pm, starting January 14th.

Message me at if you’re interested, or pay now to secure a spot by e-transfer or PayPal:
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Public speaking is ranked as top fear, by fear rankers. This course is for everyone who struggles to speak. Whether it’s a fear of saying the wrong thing, or blanking, or saying something stupid, you’ll learn fun improv techniques and exercises that will help you:

  • Find your voice
  • Be yourself in front of others
  • Present with ease and confidence

$225 plus tax. 4 weeks. 3 hours per class. (Maximum 10 people.) Bring a friend and get 15% off.

Sign up now! Thursdays 6-9pm, starting January 11th.

Message me at if you’re interested, or pay now to secure a spot by e-transfer or PayPal:
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Therapists have reached out to me to say, “I’ve seen tremendous growth in a patient who said they were in your class. What are you doing over there?” Whether you have patients already seeing results, or had no idea improv was helpful or even what it is, this is an opportunity to find out.

  • We’ll play fun exercises that I would run in the Play Anxiety Away class.
  • We’ll learn 1-on-1 games you can play with your patients.
  • We’ll discuss the benefits of improv and how it helps with anxiety.

$50 plus tax. 2 1/2 hours. No experience necessary.

Sign up now! Thursday, December 14th 6-8:30pm.

Message me at if you’re interested, or pay now to secure a spot by e-transfer or PayPal:
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More and more teenagers are growing up suffering from anxiety and depression. A survey commissioned by Children’s Mental Health Ontario shows that 46% of students have missed school due to issues around anxiety. Improv is a way to help that they’ll actually enjoy doing. In this introductory class, we’ll use improv and powerful self-help concepts to help teens move away from anxiety, and towards their natural confidence and courage.

This class is in the building stage, but please message me at if you’re interested and/or would like to learn more. (Or just to say, “Hurry up and get the class running!”)

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Found a class you like, but are scared to sign up? You’re not alone. The IDEA of improv is way scarier than the actual play and fun in the classes. Right now your brain is probably “what if?”-ing a whole bunch of scary stuff that you’ll have to do. Be funny on command, be alone on a stage, naked, in front of your high school bullies, singing. While that could be fun, it’s not what we’re here to do. These classes are about growing through play and laughter. I know you have the courage to do this. And so much more. You’ll see.

Got questions? Check out these FAQ’s. 


Benefits of Improv for Mental Health

According to the CMHA, anxiety disorders affect 3.6 million Canadians. And those numbers are probably low. When you factor in the stigma of mental health issues, the fact that almost half of people say they’ve never gone to see a doctor about their issues, most people end up suffering alone before admitting what would be perceived as a “weakness.”

While few scientific studies exist, improv and play have been shown to help:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Stimulate brain function and boost creativity
  • Improve relationships and your connection with others
  • Enhance your ability to take risks and try new things
  • Relax the body and keep you energized
  • Release endorphins (making you feel good) and boost the immune system

It changed my life (read my story here). And I’ve personally seen it change the lives of others. Improv is like going to therapy, and having fun at the same time.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.



PWF_Logo_noname“I’ve been struggling socially for a really long time. I finally decided that it was time to turn things around. I don’t think that I would have ever tried my hands on improv if this wasn’t called “Play Anxiety Away!”, so that definitely helped with my decision.

6 weeks go by quickly, but you’ll also notice how quickly your self-confidence will grow and how quickly your anxiety will go away. Sure, when you go to your first class you’ll probably just wanna ‘die’, but hey, you made it to class, and in my book, that’s an amazing first step towards helping yourself!

By Week 6, you just won’t be able to wait to go to class and have a blast!:) I’m just sad how quickly those 3 hours went by.”
– Mr. Sir Captain Jeff

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