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You made it! You’re here.

Whether you’re anxious, or looking on behalf of someone who is.
Or you like the idea of improv, but like, also kinda don’t.
Or you just want to see how therapeutic play can be.
It doesn’t matter why you’re here. What matters is you’re here.
You’ve taken the first step.
Be proud of yourself.

Let’s do this!

PWF_Logo_noname“Cam’s class is amazing! He is super funny and supportive and makes everyone feel appreciated. Even though it can be terrifying signing up for the class, within five minutes you will be having fun. You will learn to embrace ‘mistakes’, trust yourself, and get pretty good at zombie tag! I am very happy to have been a part of this class – I miss it already! <3”

– Kirstie K

© 2011-2016 Cameron Algie