If you’re a business, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of improv: team building, communication skills, thinking on your feet, adaptability, brainstorming, creativity, all that good stuff.

What you may not know is how much it can help with the psychology of business: dealing with stress, presentation nerves, conflict resolution, social skills, managing workload, fear of mistakes, and more.



3-hour Crash Course

An introductory improv course for business professionals. Through fun exercises, you and your team will bond and improve your listening and communication skills. You’ll also play through the nerves that keep many of us from making those bold creative moves that change businesses for the better. Learn how to:

  • Give and take focus
  • Communicate effectively
  • Listen actively
  • Collaborate and build agreement
  • Laugh together

Message me ( for rates and to book.


90-minute Workshop/Seminar

Making a speech or presentation is super stressful. Especially when the stakes are high. Big meetings, business pitches, client presentations. Many people crack under that pressure. Blanking, dry mouth, sweaty hands, mumbling, rambling…all that stuff comes from being nervous. Fortunately, there are simple, surefire ways to deal with it. That’s where I can help.
We’ll build your courage to:

  • Read the room
  • Own the room
  • Deal with nerves
  • Communicate your ideas effectively
  • Connect with the audience

If you or anyone you work with considers themselves a “nervous presenter,” give me a chance to work with that group of soon-to-be confident speakers.

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You know what your people need most. Let’s build the workshop that works best for you.

Choose your focus:

  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Presentation skills
  • Better brainstorming
  • Communication and social skills
  • Thinking faster and more creatively
  • Just wanna have fun and share some laughs

Choose the format:

  • All-day workshop
  • Ongoing workshops (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • A quick warm-up or break during all day meetings
  • An evening workshop followed by an improv show
  • Fitting it into your hectic schedule

Message me at You’ll be laughing and learning in no time.


Benefits of Improv for Businesses:

In a business world that’s more uncertain than ever it pays to be able to think on your feet. That’s why some business schools are using improvisation classes to teach skills such as creativity and leadership.”

Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke. – CNN

“Through improv, we can work on anything from leadership, to influence, to adaptability, to crisis management. We can help people’s communication skills. We can show them how to stay focused, in the present moment, at a very high level.”

Improv comedy and business: Getting to “yes, and.” – Slate

 In fact, studies have shown that people can improve their communication skills and lower their anxiety with regular practice. Improv’s low-stakes training increases the likelihood that team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations.”

Why Improv Training Is Great Business Training – Forbes

“Even if you never make anyone laugh, these techniques can make you more open minded and better at communication and collaboration.”

3 Ways Improv Can Improve Your Career – Fast Company


PWF_Logo_noname“I started taking Cam’s improv classes to improve my confidence being in front of people and reduce my social anxiety. Within weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in my self-perception as my mind opened to who I really was, and what I’m capable of when I say “yes” to myself and others. Now, I perform on stage with supportive new friends (something I never thought I could or would want to do), and feel like the voice of anxiety that shouted so loudly in my ear for so long has faded to a whisper. Improv has changed my life.“
– Sean Fitch

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