Improv changed my life. And it can change yours.

I don’t just mean the ability to think on your feet, or work better with others. I’m talking about overcoming fears and anxieties and uncovering your natural confidence and finding the strength to take on all life has to offer, in a playful, fun, enjoyable way. Phew, long sentence.

What is Play with Fire Improv?

It’s improv classes where anxious people can come together and laugh and play through their fears without judgement.

It’s corporate workshops where teams can get past all the pressure to be perfect, formal, business robots and laugh and play together as real people.

It’s speaking engagements where I tell my story of overcoming crippling anxiety through play, and getting your group improvising and laughing through the fears that hold so many of us back in life.

In other words, it’s a way for me to help people the way improv helped me.

Who is Play with Fire Improv?

It’s me! Cameron. This is where I put you at ease that you’re in safe hands.

I used to be anxious. All the time. It was who I thought I was, and always would be. Then improv and play helped me. Now I’m proof that anxiety isn’t a life sentence. And this is my chance to help others. Here’s a longer version of my story.


Cam Algie (cameron@playwithfireimprov.com)

Professor of Play at Play with Fire Improv
Professor of Presentation Skills at Seneca College
Instructor and founder of the Improv for Anxiety program at Second City Toronto
Improviser for over 10 years, studying and performing across North America
Advertising copywriter for 12 years
Former anxious person (over 30 years’ experience)

Want to know too much about me? Check out these Interviews/Podcasts:

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This interview is one of my favorites – especially our two-person scene. I learned a lot from Cameron and I know you will too!” – Margot Escott, MSW, LCSW

The Anxiety Podcast

In this episode I talk to Cameron Algie on how he used improv to overcome his anxiety. And how he now helps others to do the same through comedy and performance.” – Tim JP Collins

Radio Interview with Carla Collins

“Nerves can be crippling. And I know it was nerves that kept me from going into comedy full time until a couple of years ago.” – Carla Collins


PWF_Logo_noname“I started taking Cam’s improv classes to improve my confidence being in front of people and reduce my social anxiety. Within weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in my self-perception as my mind opened to who I really was, and what I’m capable of when I say “yes” to myself and others. Now, I perform on stage with supportive new friends (something I never thought I could or would want to do), and feel like the voice of anxiety that shouted so loudly in my ear for so long has faded to a whisper. Improv has changed my life.“
– Sean Fitch