Looking for a speaker for your next event? Someone who won’t just talk, but who’ll engage your people in a fun and meaningful way? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll talk about how the concepts of improv can change your life, but more importantly I’ll show you, by getting your group up and doing playful exercises that will have them laughing, connecting, and communicating with each other.

They’ll develop the confidence and creativity to make bold moves, it just takes you to make one right now: Book Me.


Previous Keynotes I’ve given:

On Anxiety:

How I got over my anxiety and you can too!

In this talk, I’ll tell my story of anxiety, vomiting, depression and the thought, “If this is what life is like, I don’t want to keep doing it.” Then the transformation to confidently giving talks in front of hundreds of people. For many, even the idea that anxiety isn’t something you’re stuck with for life can be very freeing. In addition to the talk, I’ll get you and your group playing some improv exercises so you can experience the benefits firsthand.


On Presenting and the Fear of Public Speaking:

Find the Good in Presenting Bad.

In this talk, I’ll address how wanting to do the perfect presentation is the exact thing that’s keeping you from achieving your goal. Instead, we’ll focus on being able to do bad presentations, handle when things go “wrong,” and move on without beating ourselves up. And yes, that means I’ll have you and your group up and playing some improv exercises designed to help you fail and look silly, and practice being okay with that.


On the Benefits of Play:

Stop Working, Start Creating.

In this talk, I’ll push you down the path of working less, and creating more. We’ve all had ideas come to us in the shower, or walking down the street, but how do we bring that free-thinking mind into the office? In addition to telling you, I’m going to show you. I’ll take you and your group through a series of improv exercises to get your minds in a state of play that you’ll be able to access more easily when you need to.


Previous clients include:




PWF_Logo_noname“Cam was excellent – nice to hear from someone who has overcome public speaking struggles.”

“Great seminar, very interesting and hilarious. Cameron did a great job making the audience feel comfortable at failing.”
– Meeting Planners from IncentiveWorks Talk

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