Fears, anxiety, and stress are holding so many of us back in life. For some, it kicks in during an important interview or big presentation. For others it’s hard to make small talk or even meet people without breaking out in a cold sweat.

I can talk to these issues, because I’ve been there. And I’ve overcome it. I’m not saying if you’re anxious or shy or stressed you need to change. But I am saying you can.

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Laugh in the Face of Fear

For millions of people, anxiety gets in the way of being able to connect with others, follow our dreams, or even enjoy day-to-day life. In this keynote speech, I explain how I went from being unable to leave the house, to doing talks in front of hundreds of people without feeling nervous. Then I lead the audience through fun improv exercises that changed my life, and will leave them feeling confident, fearless, and best of all, happy.

Mistakes are Gifts

Many people in the business world brag about being a perfectionist. But I can tell you, having been one, it’s really just a fear of failure. Needing to be right and the fear of being wrong keeps us from being bold and making creative leaps. In this talk, I explain how I overcame fears and judgements and the need for approval, to be able to succeed through failing. Then I demonstrate how to enjoy your mistakes through improv exercises that make failing fun.


Email me at cameron@playwithfireimprov.com to find out about talks, tips, classes, or just to chat. I’m always happy to talk.

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PWF_Logo_noname“Cameron is a tremendously funny, talented, thoughtful, and patient instructor, and guided our class through exercises and workshops that I use not only as an improviser, but in my day-to-day life as well. I would highly recommend Cameron as an instructor, performer, and workshop facilitator.”
– Josh Bowman

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