Fearless Presentations

Get nervous speaking in public? Think you’re going to faint before a presentation? I can help. Not just by giving you the usual tips on how to do a good presentation, but by helping you overcome the nerves and stress that stand in the way of making them truly successful.

The fact is, you don’t really have a fear of presenting, or public speaking, as much as you have a fear of looking dumb in front of people. A fear of making mistakes. A fear of embarrassment. So the first thing we’ll do is get you looking silly. Excited? Me too!

So yes, this is a public speaking class. It’ll help you make an impactful intro, own the room, develop your voice, and present more effectively. But this is also a confidence class. Because you can write the greatest speech ever, but there’s no point if you can’t deliver it.

We’ll play with…

  • How to deal with the nerves before and during
  • Why we say “um” and “uh.”
  • What to do with our hands and body
  • How to use our voices
  • Speaking extemporaneously vs. memorized
  • How to come in strong and stay strong
  • How to make it fun and enjoyable for you as much as them

Can public speaking be less scary? For sure it can.

Can public speaking actually be enjoyable and fun? Hells yeah.

Don’t believe me? Message me (cameron@playwithfireimprov.com) and sign up.


PWF_Logo_noname“Cameron’s confident, approachable, laid-back demeanor made it easier for people to escape their comfort zones and embrace whatever new exercises/concepts we were learning that week. I think anyone who works in a job where presentation is an important skill should take an improv class at some point. Specifically as someone who works in the creative department, I think the improv classes taught by Cameron were invaluable. I would highly recommend them.”
– Frank Macera, Creative

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