Fearless Presentations

90-minute Seminar/Workshop

Presenting ideas is a huge part of any business, yet many of us feel like we suck at it. After all, most of us never had any training. So our instinct is to try and do the perfect presentation. Or at least, not be terrible. Because it’s just too important to screw it up. Ironically, that fear is what causes us to make mistakes. The key to presenting well is to handle when things go wrong without getting flustered.

This seminar isn’t about making you the perfect presenter, it’s about becoming okay with not being perfect – and in doing so, becoming better at it.

I’ll help you:

  • Deal with the nerves before and during without becoming overwhelmed
  • Say “um” and “uh” less and get more comfortable with silence
  • Think faster on your feet
  • Use your hands and body to emphasize your points
  • Get past your insecurity and present with confidence
  • Have fun and actually enjoy presenting

I’ll work with your company to help employees find the courage to not only present with ease, but even enjoy it.

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PWF_Logo_noname“Cameron’s confident, approachable, laid-back demeanor made it easier for people to escape their comfort zones and embrace whatever new exercises/concepts we were learning that week. I think anyone who works in a job where presentation is an important skill should take an improv class at some point. Specifically as someone who works in the creative department, I think the improv classes taught by Cameron were invaluable. I would highly recommend them.”
– Frank Macera, Creative

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