Play at Work

Work is only stressful when it feels like work. But you can enjoy your job. You can have fun every day. It’s about finding work/life balance, and more important, stress/play balance. Whether at home or at work, this course will bring more play and joy into your life.

We’ll use improv and the benefits of play to improve your communication skills, business relationships, ability to think freely and creatively, and most important, reduce the stress and increase your play at work. (And yes, play is essential to working effectively.)

This course will help you:

Play more:

  • Getting past the fear of being seen as unprofessional
  • Growing from play, not just work, work, work
  • How to bring play into the “real” world

Find your voice:

  • Starting conversations and enjoying small talk
  • Listening fully, instead of planning the next thing to say
  • Handling conflict and talking authority

Present yourself:

  • Selling yourself and your ideas with confidence
  • Moving on instead of dwelling on mistakes
  • Sharing your thought and opinions without fear of judgement

Enjoy your mistakes:

  • Being okay failing (not being perfect)
  • Handling “high stakes” events (presentations, interviews, the big meeting, etc.)
  • Saying the wrong thing or blanking on what to say

Yep, improv can make all those things fun! We’ll play games and laugh at the moments that usually freak us out.

Message me if you’re interested in the next class. 

WHO: You and a fun group of professional people who want to enjoy what they do, not fear it.

WHAT: Play At Work 4-week improv class. Using improv to help you find joy in what you do.



WHY: Because it’s helpful and fun!

HOW MUCH: $225 plus tax.

Email me at to find out more, or to get on the waitlist.

We can work it out (with play)!

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