Play Anxiety Away – Level 2

If you’re reading this, chances are you took Play Anxiety Away – Level 1. Thank you!

I will also assume you enjoyed it enough to want more. Yay!

But what’s more, you might be wondering.

Here’s a quick summary of the concepts we’ll cover in Level 2:

POV: We’ll play with characters and “faking it till you make it,” help you find your voice and make decisions instead of hovering in the scary unknown.

Listening and Connecting: We’ll play more with shifting your focus from what’s going on in your head, to what’s going on in the outside world, and get comfortable being ourselves and connect as humans, “flaws” and all.

Group: We’ll play with finding our place in the group, and see that we’re not alone in how we think and feel, and enjoy being worthy of love and connection.

Unlearn: We’ll play with stripping away all the learned judgements that keep us from being silly and having fun naturally, and take the time to do nothing, and just know that being there is enough.

“Real” world: We’ll play with ways to bring play into your life, find that work/life balance, and see that professional doesn’t have to mean stiff and stressed.

Play: Obvs. We’ll play with play every day because it’s hard to be anxious when you’re in a state of play, and play is fun, play play play. I like the word play.


Message me to get on the waiting list for the next round of classes!

Who: A bunch of friends who enjoyed the fun of Level 1.

What: Play Anxiety Away – Level 2, aka more play!

Where: TBA

When: TBA

Why: Cause it’s helpful and fun!

How much: $225 plus tax.

Message me to sign up, or if you have any questions:

Let’s Play Anxiety Away… more!


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